Sunday, August 21, 2016

POWERS - The Multiplying-Man - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Detective Walker faces the Multiplying-Man, a man in a crazy purple costume, as he shouts and struggles against the restraint of two other cops. The interior of the room cannot yet be discerned, except for maybe some blood on the ground.

1. MULTIPLYING-MAN: He did it! He's crazy! An absolute lunatic!

2. WALKER: You have the right to remain silent...

Panel 2
Detective Pilgrim has her knee in the back of another Multiplying-Man as she cuffs him. This Multiplying-Man is identical in every regard. The leg of a purple-costumed leg can be seen poking into view.

3. MULTIPLYING-MAN: You got the wrong guy!

4. PILGRIM: ...anything you say can and will be used against you...

Panel 3
The two Multiplying-Man clones are lead away from the house, by two cops apiece. They are both still shouting.

5. MULTIPLYING-MAN 1: You can't take me away!

6. MULTIPLYING-MAN 2: I'm a hero dammit!

Panel 4
Walker and Pilgrim stand in the middle of a room full of carnage talking to each other. Several dead bodies lay around them, all having been murdered in grotesque fashions. All of the bodies are those of Multiplying-Man.

7. PILGRIM: Is this even murder? Suicide?

8. PILGRIM: Are the clones human?

9. WALKER: Hopefully that's someone else's job.

- END -


  1. I'm not super familiar with Powers, but this is the kind of grounded superhero writing that I love to read (and part of why I've dug things like Gotham Central). You take the power of making copies of yourself and pushing it to a logical extreme and do a mighty fine job of it here, my friend.

    1. Thank you. Sounds like you should check out Powers. I think you'd enjoy it.


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