Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Powers – Power//Less, OR: Grass is Greener – MK Stangeland, Jr.

(DEENA and WALKER are on a stake-out)

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: WALKER looks away from the window toward DEENA, who is reading a book.

WALKER (1): What’s that?

DEENA: Uh, a book?

WALKER (2): Yes, I can see that.

WALKER (3): What book is it?

Panel 2: DEENA holds the book up so that WALKER – and the reader – can see the cover. The book is a graphic novel, and the cover features a simple image of a gun lying on a dark black surface, with a police badge leaning against it. The word ‘Power//Less’ is positioned as to be the title, with ‘Power’ and ‘Less’ slightly out of alignment.

DEENA (1): It’s a graphic novel.

WALKER: A comic book?

DEENA (2): ‘Graphic Novel’.

DEENA (3): It’s a crime series that follows a pair of police detectives.

DEENA (4): The twist is that it’s set in a world where Powers never existed.

Panel 3: WALKER turns back to the window to keep watch.

WALKER (1): A world without powers, huh?

WALKER (2): Wouldn’t mind it if we’d gotten a lucky break like that sometimes.

Panel 4: DEENA looks to WALKER.

DEENA: Didn’t you use to be a Power?

WALKER: Like I said, be a lucky break.

Panel 5: DEENA goes back to the book.

DEENA: Well, they probably don’t have nearly the same kind of nonsense we have to put up with, I’ll give them that much.

WALKER: (Off-Panel) Like I said, be a lucky break.



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