Saturday, August 27, 2016

Powers - Work's a Beach - P. A. Nolte

1/ A monitor.  Three aquatic villains stand amid sand dunes with waves crashing softly behind them.  Civilians in swimsuits and other summer clothes scatter in panic.

Walker (OP): They did what?

Jeffreys (OP): Just walked onto the beach.  Out of the ocean. Started making demands.

2/ The top of Jeffreys' head.  He's one of the forensics for the Powers division.  Detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim hover behind him watching the same video.

Walker: Demands?  Like what?  What's he saying?

Jeffreys: Keeps asking for The Unholy Diver.

Walker: Who?

3/ Deena gives Walker a smirk.  Walker tries to ignore her.

Pilgrim: Not a friend, huh?

Walker: No.

Walker: Where'd this footage come from?

4/ Jeffreys has swiveled around in his chair.

Jeffreys: Some kid with a cell phone.  You know the drill.

Jeffreys: Hell rains down and he goes for the viral video.

Jeffreys: Gotta love it.

Pilgrim: Do you?

5/ Walker.

Walker: Where are they now?

Jeffreys (OP): Who?

Walker: These guys.  The-- What'd you call him?

6/ Back to the monitor.

Jeffreys (OP): Commodore Kraken.  Guy on the left calls himself The Urchin.  The lady is something... baroness? Amphibibaroness?  Something dumb.

Walker (OP): Where are they now?

Jeffreys (OP): Oh, you're gonna love this...


  1. That is some mighty terse dialogue there, Phil. Some really great back and forth from the three characters (the "Do you?" from Pilgrim was a highlight for me), and a solid sense of exasperation from all involved.

  2. Ha ha. Maybe a little. I read the first Powers hardcover this week to try and get into that early Bendis mindset. Say what you will, but he has a definite style to shoot for.


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