Friday, August 12, 2016

Robot Fight Sports--Something in a Club--David Press.

We'll cut forward into the fight sequence.

1.1: DJ sets his robot down. DJ’s robot looks like a collection of NANOBOT DRONES, taking the shape of a small baby. The Nanobot Baby Drone has a fog like structure—in the sense that there shouldn’t be tendons or anything that connect its individual parts, but it has arms, legs, chest and head, and floats around like fog.
            Across from DJ’s bot is ANDERS—who looks like the Android phone software character. You know this guy:


1.2 Half-size: The fight commences! Anders strikes first with his Electro-wand, but DJ’s Fog Drone disperses itself.


1.3 Same: FOG DRONE flies like a horde of BEES into the open chest cavity of Anders.


1.4: Anders looks full and its head has exclamation marks for eyes in the sense that it seems to be panicking. Let’s tease this one a little to the left, so we can see Anders’s human PILOT kind of panicking and pressing buttons on his remote. The pilot should wear a similar expression to Anders.

PILOT:                                    Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no.

1.5: Anders EXPLODES in a shower of Fog Drones. Let’s tease to the left now and we can see DJ super-happy that he won.

SFX:                                       BOOM!


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