Monday, August 8, 2016

Robot Fighting Sports - Fight Night - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Robert and Margaret are two solid-looking robots in 1950s-style dress and 1950s style kitchen.  Robert has some slacks, white dress shirt, and a sleeveless sweatervest-type thing on; Margaret has a stylish looking dress, with a belt across where her waist would be (but let's be honest, their models aren't super different and beyond some hilariously mismatched wigs and their clothing, telling their "gender" would probably be pretty difficult).  Margaret stands beside Robert, her hands on his shoulders as she pleads with him.

ROBERT: Margaret...

MARGARET (1): You know I can't bear to watch you in that ring.

MARGARET (2): Those fights are wild.

MARGARET (3): Oil baths, at best.

2 - Robert turns to face Margaret, putting one hand on her shoulder and the other to her eye to wipe away tears (that aren't there, because she's a robot, although she does look sad).

ROBERT: It won't be like that tonight.

MARGARET (1): It better not be.  I don't know that I can repair you again.

MARGARET (2) (quietly): You've only just been fixed after that last fight...

3 - Switch angle to show a little baby robot (Jack) sitting in a high chair at the kitchen table.  He's playing with a toy assembly line robot arm (like so).

MARGARET: Besides, you know we have more than just ourselves to think about.

JACK (quietly): 0100...

4 - Margaret has picked up Jack and holds him, a melancholic look on her face.  Robert puts one arm around Margaret and uses the other to "ruffle" Jack's "hair" (not that he has any as a robot).

MARGARET: I don't want little Jack to grow up without a father.

ROBERT (1): He won't.

ROBERT (2): That's a promise.

5 - Switch scenes to the big fight.  We're look at a boxing ring in a big arena, Robert on one side (now wearing classic red boxing shorts) and the blue Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robot on the other.  Blue has landed the finishing punch, popping Robert's head off in classic Rock 'Em Sock 'Em style.  If it fits, have Margaret sitting in the crowd holding Jack and covering his eyes with one hand.

ROBERT: dang


  1. I love what you've done here. The basics of it are pretty well-worn and arguably stereotypical, but the twist you've put it through to show the scene in a new context and light has made for an amusing and entertaining read.

  2. This was nicely done, for most of it I was like: what does this have to do with the prompt? Then I got it. It was good, but how could Robert talk if his head was knocked off?


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