Thursday, August 11, 2016

Robot Fighting Sports - A Mightier Weapon - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Two humanoid robots, R-Turo and Renderer, are facing off with bastard swords inside of a gladiatorial pit. R-Turo holds his sword in one hand poised to strike. Renderer, a wider robot, grips his sword to the side like he might swing it They are focused on each other with strict concentration. Elevated around the pit are stands of cheering people.


2. ANNOUNCER (op): So begins the duel. Two new-comers squaring off tonight.

3. ANNOUNCER (op): Of course, only one will leave. Will it be skillful R-Turo or brutish Renderer!

Panel 2
R-Turo thrusts the very tip of his sword into Renderer. Renderer drops his sword out of surprise.

4. ANNOUNCER (op): Ooh! R-Turo lands what could be a finishing blow.

Panel 3
Renderer grabs the blade of R-Turo's sword. R-Turo looks confused.

5. ANNOUNCER (op): But remember, sports fans...

Panel 4
Renderer has pulled R-Turo's sword all the way in and through himself. R-Turo still holds the blade and looks panicked by the other robot's actions. The two now stand face-to-face, in arm's reach.

6. ANNOUNCER (op): ...what would be fatal to a human...

Panel 5
Renderer grabs onto R-Turo's arms, the metal of R-Turo's arms bending around Renderer's fingers. Renderer has a savaged look on his face.

7. ANNOUNCER (op): ...can really just be an annoyance to these brutes.

Panel 6
Renderer tears off R-Turo's arms in a shower of sparks and oil, lofting them overhead.

8. ANNOUNCER (op): And they don't call him brutish for nothing!

- END -


  1. Good transitions here! Though I personally would have rooted for R-Turo

    1. Me too. But sometimes you have to kill your darlings. Or rip their limbs off.


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