Sunday, August 28, 2016

Why Parenthood?

I’m on my fifth book about birth and being a birth partner/expectant father/dad—I’m about two weeks away from that being physically true.

The fifth book is Home Game by Michael Lewis (Moneyball), I’ve read so much about being a new father and what to expect from the birth process that I’m going into a graduate school-fuque state. The best way to describe that symptom is, I guess, book overdose. I’m done. I don’t want to read about the subject anymore. The information is all the same at this point. But Lewis’s book is funny and hilarious and a journal to raising his two girls, and I’ve been keeping the same thing. Notes, questions, funny situations leading up to Tiny Human Press’s birth.

Am I worried about being a father? No—it’s why I became a writer, so I could be home with my future kids. Am I a fool? Probably. Will I even find time to write? Who knows. But if I'm absent from here for the next few weeks you all know why. What prompted this week’s theme is this article my wife sent me by David Roberts on Vox. In it, he writes that our day-to-day choices about being a parent have very little to do with our kid’s adult success—it has more to do with the environment in which we provide for them and paying attention to moments. How does one write about parenthood without being a parent? I don’t know, perhaps one could write about a funny situation with a parent, or just what you think parenthood looks like to you. Feel free to join us in the comments. I’m psyched to reading your parenting pages!

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