Sunday, September 4, 2016

Concert Posters - Now for Plan A - Grant McLaughlin

1 - We are back in the early days of North American colonialism.  It is winter.  Close on a group of aboriginal men standing at a clearing and looking onto a beach.  They wear serious, curious expressions.  Frame so they're visible form the shoulders up.  On the beach in the background are some extremely ill and weak looking Europeans who have just rowed onto shore - few, if any of them, have the energy to stand.  Their rowboats are forgotten behind them.  If it doesn't overfill the panel, maybe the ship (or ships) they crossed the sea in are visible in the far background (but that isn't integral).

CAPTION: The locals found us weak and malnourished.

2 - The group of aboriginals have come onto the beach and are helping these poor Europeans.  They offer food, help them stand, and all that good stuff.  The aboriginals are empathetic and caring; the Europeans could not be more thankful.

CAPTION: They reached out and welcomed us as friends.

3 - Springtime.  Early evening.  The Europeans are bidding farewell as a group of aboriginal men and women leave their tiny settlement.  Maybe have some handshakes / hugs.  Try to show they just shared a meal or whatever.  Everyone looks pleased and happy.  And healthy

CAPTION: We would not have survived without their help.

4 - On the Europeans standing in a clearing and looking onto the aboriginal settlement, obviously mirroring the first panel.  The Europeans look serious and pained expressions.  Again, shoulders-up framing.  It is night time, but there is plenty of activity in the settlement in the background - maybe some fires, conversations, and general life.

CAPTION: Theirs is a kindness so great it breaks the heart.

5 - On the bodies / torsos of the Europeans.  They are all holding guns.  This could either be a new panel or potentially the continuation of panel 4, simply broken by the gutter.

CAPTION: Particularly considering ours was never a mission of peace.

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