Monday, September 19, 2016

DHMIS - Budgets - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Red guy, yellow guy, and duck are sitting at their kitchen table, a piggy bank dancing along its top as gold coins rain from above.

PIGGY BANK: Frugal spending can hit the spot.

2 - Focus on the piggy bank as it removes the stopper on its tummy to reveal the contents within.  Instead of a plastic inside, like you'd expect, have some viscera and guts being revealed / spilling out, with a small amount of coins visible or also falling out.  The background could go somewhat darker to reflect the turn.

PIGGY BANK: But a penny saved isn't really a lot.

3 - Back on the ground around the table, but masks of various variety have appeared on their heads (maybe have little lines or whatever to emphasize the sudden appearance).  Red guy has a balaclava type thing, his long hair coming out from the bottom; yellow guy has pantyhose on his head, which looks to tight and very uncomfortable; duck has a domino mask, reaching up in surprise to touch it; and the piggy bank has a Richard Nixon mask awkwardly attached to the front of its face.  The stopper could be back in the piggy bank's tummy, although there's perhaps still some viscera on the table.  Through the window in the background, we can see that it's raining.

PIGGY BANK (1): So if you don't have the patience.

PIGGY BANK (2): To build your savings up slow.

DUCK: What is this?

YELLOW GUY (quietly): I can't breathe...

RED GUY: No thank you.

4 - The group has been transported to a bank that they look to be in the midst of robbing.  The piggy bank stands on the ledge in front of a teller, holding a gun as they put money in a bag.  Duck holds a shotgun aimed at the ceiling, which appears to have been recently fired as smoke rises from its barrel.  Yellow guy is fainting due to his aforementioned inability to breath.  Red guy holds a shotgun as well, looking on as Yellow guy falls over.  There are other puppets in the background, crouched and covering their heads, clearly hostages in the situation.

PIGGY BANK (1): You'll be quite happy to hear.

PIGGY BANK (2): That there's another way to go.

DUCK: I don't like it.

RED GUY: Oh, bother.

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