Thursday, September 22, 2016

DHMIS - Chores Are Endless Fun - Perry Kent

Panel 1
An anthropomorphic vacuum sings while the characters sit around their living room. Red Guy, Yellow Guy, and Duck look on with confusion.

1. Vacuum:    It’s time to do your chores! Chores are things you have to do.
2. Vacuum:    It helps your parents find more time to love you!

Panel 2
Duck puts a box of “Oats” in the cupboard in the kitchen. Vacuum cheers him on.

3. Duck:    Like putting things away?
4. Vacuum:    Yes!

Panel 3
Yellow Guy scrubs at the carpet in a living room with a brush. Vacuum cheers him on.

5. Yellow Guy:    Like cleaning the floor?
6. Vacuum:    Close enough...

Panel 4
Red Guy carries a bag of trash through the living room, where Yellow Guy still scrubs at the floor. Vacuum cheers him on.

7. Red Guy:    Like taking out the trash?
8. Vacuum:    Very good!

Panel 5
The trash bag that Red Guy is carrying, bursts littering the carpet with disgusting trash. The trash is utterly putrid, being made of spoiled meats and produce. Vacuum wears an inane smile.

9. Red Guy:    Oh, oops.
10. Vacuum:    That’s OK. You tried your best.

Panel 6
A worried Yellow Guy scrubs furiously at the carpet that has the disgusting garbage on it. Vacuum leers over him with a terrifying expression.

11. Vacuum:    You just keep cleaning until you get it right!

- END -

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