Monday, September 12, 2016

Donald Trump - Common Cause - Grant McLaughlin

1 - On Baron Zemo, one hand to his chin as if thinking.  He looks somewhat impressed.

BARON ZEMO: Part of me can't help but admire what he's accomplished...

2 - On Doctor Doom, slamming his fists into the top of a table.

DOCTOR DOOM: Doom is disgusted by his enormous ego!

3 - Norman Osborn has one hand up in argumentation, the other pointing towards himself in emphasis.

NORMAN OSBORN: People are falling for his schemes when they should be falling for mine!

4 - Hate-Monger sits at the table, pouting.

HATE-MONGER: He's making people like us look bad.

5 - The Supreme Serpent throws his hands in the air in defeat.

SUPREME SERPENT: His little "alt-right" ploy is stealing perspective recruits!

6 - M.O.D.O.K. holds a giant laser gun (just because) and grins maniacally.  Maybe some drool is going down his face.

M.O.D.O.K.: The man knows nothing of subtlety.

7 - On Red Skull, standing at the head of a board room table, leaning on its surface.  He is obviously displeased.  The previous supervillains (and others) are visible sitting around the table.

RED SKULL (1): Then we're agreed.

RED SKULL (2): Donald Trump must be stopped!

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