Thursday, September 15, 2016

Donald Trump - Huge - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Interior, conference room. Isaac, a young man in a suit and tie, stands next to two easels. One has a chart on it with a downward trending line and the other has a cloth draped over it. Across the table from him are three chairs that only have their backs visible. Isaac looks nervous.

1. ISAAC: Thank you for coming, I know how busy you are.

Panel 2
Isaac gestures at the chart with the downward line as he explains. He is still clearly nervous.

2. ISAAC: The macro business has been showing a downward trend. The brand isn't really in the minds of people anymore.

Panel 3
Isaac removes the chart paper to reveal another paper with "The Apprentice" stenciled across it and a big red "CANCELED" on it. Isaac has reached peak nervousness.

3. ISAAC: TV provided a great avenue for brand awareness, but it's no longer packing the punch it use to.

4. ISAAC: We need a fresh angle.

Panel 4
Isaac pulls on the cloth that drapes over the other easel.

5. ISAAC: And there is one market that has a dedicated 24 hour news cycle that presents no barrier to someone of your means.

Panel 5
A campaign sign is revealed to be what was under the cloth. It reads "Trump 2016".

6. ISAAC: The race to be President of the United States of America.

7. TRUMP (op): I like it.

Panel 6
Reveal of Trump sitting in the middle of the the three chairs behind the table. On either side are advisors, one a young blonde lady and the other an older white man.

8. TRUMP: This'll be huge.

1 comment:

  1. This is certainly an apt reading of Trump's campaign in the minds of many, but I think that's also the script's weakness - lots of people are already thinking this. It's a fine build from start to finish, but it's somewhat predictable. Some kind of spin or additional commentary, instead of simply presenting "the facts" as many would consider them, would amp up this script's impact.

    Similarly, from a practical perspective, how would you show the three chair backs without revealing Trump is in the middle - his hair is one of his most distinctive features, particularly from a caricature perspective.


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