Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Luke Cage – Cage of Law – MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: Film Screen-style panel, located in a Latverian Castle. A character representing DR DOOM faces off against NICOLAS CAGE – who is dressed up to look like LUKE CAGE, complete with makeup in the style of RDJ from TROPIC THUNDER, and has just crashed through a door in DR DOOM’s castle.

CAGE (1): Sweet!

CAGE (2): Christmas!

Panel 2: LUKE CAGE and SHE-HULK are in a law office, reviewing the film in question.

LUKE CAGE (1): Ya know, I’m starting to think I might be happy to just let this happen.

LUKE CAGE (2): Not even bother taking them to court.

SHE-HULK: Dare I ask why?

Panel 3: LUKE CAGE and SHE-HULK, talking as they continue to watch the film.

LUKE CAGE (1): You see the mess they’re putting together?

LUKE CAGE (2): If this doesn’t absolutely crash and burn and embarrass everyone involved, how you think the real Doc Doom’s going to react when he gets a load of this?

SHE-HULK (1): Oh.

SHE-HULK (2): …

SHE-HULK (3): Oh.

Panel 4: SHE-HULK turns to LUKE CAGE.

SHE-HULK (1): Luke, as your Lawyer? I have to question the ethics what you’re proposing.

SHE-HULK (2): As an Avenger, I have to express concern that what you’re thinking verges on supervillain territory.

Panel 5: SHE-HULK and LUKE CAGE, grinning, but in a joking ‘it’s fun to fantasize about’ way.

SHE-HULK (1): But as your friend?

SHE-HULK (2): I like the way you think.


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