Monday, September 26, 2016

Luke Cage - Cheers - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Establishing shot of a local drinking hole, the Tin Roof.  It's nothing fancy, maybe something of a hole in a wall - and not necessarily the trendy kind either.  It's the type of place that's been where it is for thirty, forty years, if not longer.  It's winter.  Snow is falling in fluffy puffs.  Luke Cage is in the distance, walking towards the bar.

CAPTION (LUKE CAGE) (1): I don't often make it out to the Tin Roof.

CAPTION (LUKE CAGE) (2): To be honest, it's pretty out of my way.

2 - On Luke walking along the sidewalk in the snow.  He has his hands in his pockets, a smile on his face.

CAPTION (LUKE CAGE) (1): But the old man who tends bar is the type who never forgets a face.

CAPTION (LUKE CAGE) (2): Whether I was there last month or in the last few years, it's always "Hiya, Luke", a big smile, and a can of my favourite brew.

3 - On Luke outside the Tin Roof.  He looks into the window, seeing a number of patrons sitting around and doing bar-y things (cheers-ing, playing pool, and so forth, generally having a good time).  Maybe have a portion of Luke reflected in the window, smiling warmly.

CAPTION (LUKE CAGE) (1): It's the kind of thing that makes you feel welcome.  At home.

CAPTION (LUKE CAGE) (2): We don't know each other that well, but we share these moments together, slowly gaining a type of insight into the other that maybe no one else has.

4 - Luke is heading into the bar, holding the door open.  A sign hands on the door which reads "Come on in!"

CAPTION (LUKE CAGE): I like that.

5 - Inside the bar.  On the bartender, who is a young hipster-esque guy who's in a mighty sour mood, staring dourly at Luke.

BARTENDER: What do you want?

6 - Luke is quite taken aback, not expecting this development.  The bartender continues to not care.

LUKE: Um, where's Winston?

BARTENDER (1): He retired a year or two back.

BARTENDER (2): Now do you want something or what...?

7 - On Luke, sitting in his kitchen drinking a beer angerly.


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