Monday, September 26, 2016

Luke Cage-Nursing--David Press.


1.1: A dark nursery: in a Lay-z-Boy is JESSICA JONES with little DANIELLE on a cushion getting her in position to be breast fed. The cushion is called a My-Breast-Friend and helps mothers get babies into position to nurse.  

CAGE [OP]:                           How many feedings are we up to now?
JESSICA:                               ‘Bout…12 since midnight.

1.2: On the floor is LUKE CAGE, sprawled out in a starfish formation. He’s exhausted, down for the count.

CAGE:                                    That’s the problem having superhero parents, superhuman kids need the fuel. Uhhhhh.
                                                We need an industrial grade breast pump.

1.3: Panning up to the Jessica.

JESSICA:                               Misty showed me this thing.
CAGE [OP]:                           Does it involve punching you in the boob? Because I’m not doing it.

1.4: From Jessica’s perspective: she’s looking down at Luke on the floor. He’s staring up at her. A point I’d like to emphasize here is how exhausted he is—for the first time in his superhero life. He’s totally in love with this woman and their child despite this being the greatest challenge of this adult life.

JESSICA:                               No. Going for a walk.

1.5 CUT TO: Luke is pushing a stroller with Danielle. Jessica is alongside him. It’s a dark night in Harlem, and Jessica Jones is punching out a MUGGER—as they take their kid for a night walk.

CAGE:                                    You just wanted to go on patrol.


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