Thursday, September 29, 2016

Luke Cage - Sleepless Justice - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Exterior, night, New York. Luke Cage in street clothes, boots, and a hoodie, hood up obscuring his face, walks down the sidewalk of the dense New York neighborhood in the middle of the night. A scream is heard issuing from an alley to his side.

1. LUKE CAGE (caption): It's a slow night. Probably a good thing...

2. WOMAN (OP ALLEYWAY): Aaaahhhh!

Panel 2
In the alleyway, a disheveled looking mugger brandishes a knife at a young Hispanic lady who is pressed up against the wall. She looks terrified. He looks crazed and angry.The alley is dark.

3. MUGGER: Shut it!

4. MUGGER: Now give it. Give me yer money!

Panel 3
The mugger looks to the side at the sound of a noise.

5. LUKE CAGE (op): Wrong neighborhood, jackass.

Panel 4
Luke Cage's boot smashes into the mugger, sending him back, past the woman. Note: It'd be a neat sequence to not show Cage himself in this, just his boot/leg.


Panel 5
Luke Cage exits the alley. The Hispanic woman can be seen running down the sidewalk away from the alley.

7. LUKE CAGE (caption): But the city never sleeps.


1 comment:

  1. This is bland vignette, but I found that I knew next to nothing about Luke Cage. What little I do know has been taken from brief cameos in other work.


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