Saturday, September 3, 2016

Parenthood - Negative - P. A. Nolte

Hope this isn't too cynical.  I don't have much to say about parenthood, and virtually no experience from a personal perspective, but these scenes seemed fairly universal, so...

1/ In the hallway of a suburban house, a young boy is painting his masterpiece on the wall.  His mother is barreling out of another room to prevent any further art from being committed.

Mother: Stop!

2/ The same boy, slightly older.  He's in the backseat of a car, kicking his legs.  His father is driving, his mother is starting to lean back to forcibly hold his legs if need be.

Father: Quit it!

3/ A little older still, he's walking beside his mother through a grocery store.  He's holding up a cereal box to show her.  Maybe she'll let him put it in the cart if he asks SUPER nice.

Mother: No.

4/ Now driving age, he's at a used car lot with his father, pointing to one vehicle among many.  Wedged between mostly beat-up models with boxy metal frames and a few with sleeker designs is a sweet little roadster priced just an extra grand or two above the rest.

Father: Absolutely not.

5/ The boy, now a man, sitting at a table in a restaurant with friends.  He has a drink halfway to his mouth, about to take a sip.  He eyes the person questioning him with suspicion.

Friend: You don't want kids?

Man: ...Nah.

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  1. Cynical? Maybe a little, but certainly not in a negative way. As you say, some universal moments leading to a solid turn / reveal in that last panel. I dig it.


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