Thursday, September 1, 2016

Parenthood - No Right Way - Perry Kent

I went for a very literal interpretation of the source material.

This requires that panels 1/2 be set side-by-side, panels 3/4 be set side-by-side, and panels 5/6 set side-by-side as though we were doing comparisons. Sally and Bobby progress in age from panel-tier to panel-tier at the same pace. The two families are not related, so feel free to make them very different.

Panel 1
Mom poking her head into a room where an unhappy toddler boy sits on the ground among some toys. She is wearing a smile.

MOM: Wipe those alligator tears, Bobby.

Panel 2
Dad holding crying toddler girl as he panics not knowing what to do.

DAD: What's wrong Sally?!

Panel 3
Bobby, a small boy, climbs on ladder about two feet off the ground as mom calls out telling him not to go so high.

MOM (OP): Don't climb so high, Bobby!

Panel 4
Dad and Sally, a small girl, sit at the top of a jungle gym, both holding on with one hand raised in the air in triumph!

DAD: We did it, Sally!

Panel 5
Bobby, a teenage boy, sits at a table a large textbook in front of him and him looking up at his mom with his phone in his hand. He has a worried look, like he was just caught. The Mom stands over Bobby with a disapproving, stern expression.

MOM: You won't do well if you don't study more.

Panel 6
Sally, a teenager girl, sits at a table over a large textbook that is open in front of her. The Dad stands next to teenage daughter with a wide smile. The teenage daughter is rolling her eyes with a small smile on her face.

DAD: Aren't you done studying yet?

Panel 7
The mom and the dad sit several chairs away from each other in a dark auditorium. The mom beams with pride while the dad is wiping away a tear from his eye, a smile on his face. The mom sits on the left side of the panel and the dad sits on the right side of the panel. Note: Leave plenty of room above them for complicated word balloons.

ANNOUNCER (OP): I would like to announce the co-valedictorians Bobby [COVER UP #1] and Sally [COVER UP #2].

MOM: That's my boy!

DAD: That's my girl!

Lettering Note: The mom's word balloon should cover up the section in the announcer's balloon called "COVER UP #1". The dad's word balloon should cover up the section in the announcer's balloon called "COVER UP #2".

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  1. I was curious as to where this was going, and you really nail it with that final panel. Some excellent showing to support your title and theme.


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