Sunday, October 30, 2016

Beetlejuice - Clowns - P. A. Nolte

1/ Beetlejuice grumpily trudges along next to Lydia, hands in his pockets, as they walk a suburban sidewalk surrounded by the comings and goings of sugar-addled children in costumes of all shapes and sizes.  Neither of them are technically in costume. Their usual dress is enough.

B: Aren't you a little--

L: Don't say it.  You know what happens.

2/ Beetlejuice rolls his eyes.

B: Yeah, yeah...

3/ Suddenly, his face lights up.  He's got an idea.

B: Say!  You know what would make a really good prank?  If some of these awful, little clowns--

4/ Lydia winces.  Even out of the Neitherworld-- Especially out of the Neitherworld-- Beetlejuice's turns of phrase cause trouble. She's bracing for impact.

5/ One by one, the children around them erupt in brief flashes of green flame.  Where once stood Batmans, Elsas, and Ninja Turtles are unnerving clowns.  Lydia stares daggers at her friend.


Beetlejuice: Um...

6/ Beetlejuice watches her storm off.  The streets are full of these gruesome bozos carrying the same sacks of candy they did as children.

Beetlejuice: Lyds?  Babe?  I don't think this was me...

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