Monday, October 31, 2016

Beetlejuice - Recipe - Grant McLaughlin

1 - On a beetle skittering along some plates and cutlery in a hotel kitchen.  The place looks a little tired and worn - as you might expect somewhere in the Beetlejuice universe to be.

HOTELIER (off-panel): There.

2 - The beetle has skittered beyond the plates and cutlery, but a jar (being held by the off-panel hotelier) is coming down and capturing it within.

HOTELIER: That's the last of the infestation.

3 - On the hotelier as he closes the top of the jar, the beetle skittering about within, trying fruitlessly to find an escape.  The hotelier is reminiscent of the mayor from The Nightmare Before Christmas - whether that's because he also has two faces or just because he's short and squat is up to you (he def does not have that hat though).  The hotelier looks down at his handiwork, a frown crossing his face.

HOTELIER: I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but must we make them into a liqueur?

VOICE (off-panel): No...

4 - Close on the hotelier's hand as he passes the jar off to the unseen figure from panel 3.

VOICE (off-panel): Not a liqueur.

5 - Reveal Lydia standing in the kitchen, now holding the jar.  She is older, now an adult, although her aesthetic has not changed dramatically from her younger days.  She has grown into a beautiful, if tired, woman.  Before her on a counter is a demonic-looking juicer.  All around her, whether on the counter, the shelves, the table, or pretty much wherever you can find a surface, are more jars filled with beetles of all varieties.  Lydia has a forlorn expression on her face.

LYDIA: A juice.

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