Thursday, October 20, 2016

Inktober - An Odd Circumstance - Perry Kent

I'm afraid that my script has little to do with the image that inspired it. But the image is so good, that I felt I must share it anyway. The image in question comes from Paul Heaston.

Panel One
Interior, dimly lit coffee house situated in a much larger complex like a mall. The motif appears to be something out of a 40s noir. A woman in a red dress and red hat sips on a coffee. She is seated on a couch with a man in a three piece suit. The man nervously darts his eyes around as he talks.

1. MAN: You ain't gonna believe me. This is just too… It couldn't be.

Panel Two
The woman in red lights holds a cigarette out, which the man dutifully lights.

2. WOMAN: What do you mean, honey?

Panel Three
A detailed view of the coffee house as the man sees it. The dimly lit coffee-house is even darker, with shadows falling across everything in a noir style. The only other two people in the coffee-house are another woman, in a dark blue dress-suit, seated at a small table with a cup and a male barrista dressed like a classic bartender with a vest and white collared shirt.

3. MAN: Last night we were in our Prius on our way to a comic convention. But now...deep shadows, 1940s clothing, your sultry tone, and smoking.

4. MAN: Neither of us smoke. I don't even know why I have a lighter!

5. MAN: It's like we've wandered into a noir film. Except we're drinking coffee instead of whiskey.

Panel Four
The woman blows a curl of smoke as she rolls her eyes.

6. WOMAN: Don't be ridiculous. You can't drink whiskey at 10 in the morning.

7. WOMAN: Besides, don't noir films require a criminal element?

Panel Five
The man and woman look over at the counter with startled surprise.


Panel Six
A small man in a three-piece suit yells at the barrista angrily, his fist still on the counter between them. Behind him stands a taller, more muscular man with a scar across his face. The barrista leans away in fear.

9. ANGRY-MAN: You think you can get out of it that easy?!


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