Sunday, October 16, 2016

Inktober - Roots - Grant McLaughlin

There were a lot of options for me to choose from, but I've been particularly impressed with Jason Copland's Inktober output this year. This one may not be the flashiest or wildest one he's done (that would likely be a tie between the spirit samurai and some of the monsters he's penned), I couldn't help but be taken in by his use of negative space and contrast. I love the white trench coat, but I love the black grit on the shoulder even more. My script might be one path that would lead to this image. Jason may have a different name in mind, but I will call this gentleman Donovan.

1 - A large dining room.  Donovan sits at an expansive table with half a dozen associates. The table is far too large for a group of this small size. They all seem to be getting on well enough, but there is a certain distance between them - both physically and emotionally. Donovan is clearly the alpha, dressed better and looking more assured than anyone else (although the whole group is well-dressed). In the background, a woman wearing a trench coat and one of those Russian hats (like the woman in the image) walks towards the table. She holds a white trench coat in one arm. If possible, frame this to far off from the diners to emphasize the distance between everything and everyone.

CAPTION (DONOVAN): My hands are clean.

2 - Close on Donovan as the woman leans towards him and whispers in his ear. He leans close, listening attentively.  assistant at him, whispering in ear

CAPTION (DONOVAN): Far more so than I ever could have dreamed.

3 - Donovan puts his napkin on the table as he gets up, excusing himself.

CAPTION (DONOVAN): But the work remains dirty.

DONOVAN (1): Excuse me for a moment, gentlemen.

DONOVAN (2): Duty calls.

4 - Donovan is outside of his large home, walking along the snow covered lawn as he puts on his white trench coat. The woman walks alongside, if slightly behind him. A small outbuilding sits in the near distance.

CAPTION (DONOVAN): This would be a harsh reality to some.

5 - Inside the outbuilding, on a man tied to a chair. He is gagged and beat up. The room is dark, but a rectangle of light emerges from the bottom of the panel, falling along and illuminating the man. He looks tiredly towards the light's source.

CAPTION (DONOVAN): But I believe it's important to remember where you came from.

DONOVAN (off-panel): Well, well, well...

6 - On Donovan standing in the entranceway to the outbuilding. The framing and setup is not unlike Jason's original image, but the coat remains pristine and white for the moment. Donovan is about as upset, but he isn't visibly holding a gun. Instead, he's flexing his knuckles, readying to use them. The woman continues to flank / follow him.

CAPTION (DONOVAN): Particularly for occasions requiring that personal touch.

DONOVAN: What do we have here?

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