Saturday, October 1, 2016

Luke Cage - Errands - P. A. Nolte

1/ A glamorous office overlooking New York.  Tombstone is beaten and bruised, but still standing.  He wipes blood from his face with the back of one his pasty, white hands.  His suit is tattered and torn.  The office around him has seen better days.

Tombstone: That the best you can do?

2/ Luke Cage.  Stoic.  While Tombstone looks rough, Luke looks untouched.  Benefit of his abilities.  His blue jeans and gold muscle shirt, however, are as worse for wear as Tombstone's suit.  The ornate double doors behind are busted wide open.

3/ Tombstone grins.  His filed-down shark teeth are red with blood.

Tombstone: Come now, Mr. Cage. Surely you knew what was going on. And you did nothing to stop it.  Nothing until now.  Why is that?

4/ Tombstone takes a single step forward.  Towards Luke.

Tombstone: You think you're a good man, Mr Cage?  You think--

5/ Luke swings both of his fists down like a hammer.  Tombstone goes down like an ugly sack of ugly bricks.

6/ Tombstone starts to get up again and reach out, but is near collapse.  The fight has been beaten out of him.

6/ Tombstone is down for the count.  Unconscious.  Luke starts to walk out the door.

7/ He stops, turning slightly to leave one last threat.

Luke: Tell Fisk I'm coming for him.

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