Friday, October 7, 2016

SCROOGE-"Bubble"--David Press

1.1: The opening focus will be on a CHANGE COUNTER. One of those cheap ones you can buy at TOPPS or somewhere with some quarters, silver dollars, and pennies in the slots. We can see a FEATHERED HAND drop a quarter into the slot.

SCROOGE [CAP]:                “This is all that’s left.

1.2 CUT TO: A graph where REAL ESTATE PRICES go up and then suddenly decline. The header could be the “Housing Bubble” or something like that.

SCROOGE [CAP]:                “Never thought this could happen to me, but that’s something I taught Donald.

1.3: Now we’re on an empty street and we can see DONALD DUCK and his nephews walking down the lonely road. There are abandoned houses with “Foreclosure” signs throughout. Let’s take the perspective from behind their backs.

SCROOGE [CAP]:                He knew exactly how to play it.

1.4: Back to the Change Counter, but this time we’ve panned out, and can see SCROOGE looking exhausted, like he hasn’t had a good meal in weeks. He’s super skinny, and it’s clear that he’s lost his money in the housing bubble crisis. The apartment behind him looks run down with nothing but a mattress and dirty windows, dust everywhere. He might be staying in a flop house.

SCROOGE:                            When the bubble burst they played it right, and I…
SCROOGE:                            Well, I played it wrong for the first time in my life.


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