Friday, October 28, 2016

She Hulk: "Manhattan, The Living Island"--David Press.

PAGE ONE: Four wide panels.

1.1: Coming in with an aerial shot of She-Hulk’s Jay Street office building—it’s a beautiful clear day without a cloud in the sky and a blazing yellow sun.

CAPTION:                             68 JAY STREET. BROOKLYN, NY.
1.2: Interior of the office building: specifically, the office of Jennifer Walters, She-Hulk, same office configuration as the Charles Soule/Javier Pulido run on the title. Jen is on the left hand-side of the panel, closest to the window and facing the door; ANGIE HUANG is opposite facing the reader; PATSY WALKER—Hellcat—has her back to us.

Make it so the picture rumbles a little bit like the building has been hit by an earthquake.  

CAPTION:                             The law offices of Jennifer Walters, ESQ., PLLC Attorney-at-law.
 SFX:                                      RUMBLE.

1.3: Jennifer, Patsy, and Angie rush out into the hallway where the rest of the 68 Jay Street tenants are standing. Let’s have some wavy lines around everything showing the picture is shaking.

JENNIFER is helping SHARON—the landlord—up to her feet.

SHE-HULK:                           I’ve got you…
SHARON:                              Everyone to the shel—
VOICE [No Tail]:                   I’m looking for JENNIFER WALTERS.
1.4: They’re down the stairs from the office building and staring at a red brick wall that is taking the shape of a human figure.

JENNIFER:                            That’s me. To whom am I speaking?

1.5: The WALL FIGURE extends out and it shows a distorted, plant-humanoid figure in the wall.

VOICE:                                   GORE! The son of the LIVING ISLAND!

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