Sunday, October 23, 2016

She-Hulk – The Red Green Show (Part x) – MK Stangeland, Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: Post-Chaos. Both SHE-HULK and DEADPOOL are sitting on something that passes for a bench as collateral damage lies all around them, both look worse for the wear and in serious need of a breather after a rather spectacular fight of some kind.

Panel 2: Continuation of PANEL 1, as SHE-HULK and DEADPOOL continue to sit there.

YELLOW BOX: Well that happened.

SHE-HULK: *angry grunt*

Panel 3: Further continuation of PANELS 1 and 2. SHE-HULK reaches up and grabs YELLOW BOX (2), noticeably crushing it with her grip.

DEADPOOL (1): (Thought Balloon) Did we actually accomplish anything?

YELLOW BOX (1): We accomplished entertainment, that’s what we accomplished!

DEADPOOL (2): (Thought Balloon) Ah, right.

DEADPOOL (3): (Thought Balloon) So who’s ready for Round 2?

YELLOW BOX (2): In bed, maybe. If you know what I mean.

DEADPOOL (4): Bow chica bOW! OW! OW!

Panel 4: SHE-HULK swings YELLOW BOX (2) from PANEL 3 at DEADPOOL like a club in a one-handed backhand, the rest of her body hardly moving. DEADPOOL goes flying into the air and into the background at high speed as result.


Panel 5: SHE-HULK remains sitting as she breaks YELLOW BOX (2) from PANEL 3 across her knee as DEADPOOL lands somewhere in the background behind the rubble and destruction beyond where we can see.


SFX: (From DEADPOOL landing) thd

Panel 6: SHE-HULK tosses the two halves of PANEL 3 YELLOW BOX (2) aside.

DEADPOOL: (Far in the background, not actually seen) ow


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