Saturday, October 29, 2016

She-Hulk - Trespassing - P. A. Nolte

1/ Jennifer Walters is in her element.  We’re seeing her from the position of the unknown person on the witness stand.  She’s talking up a storm, but we’re not going to be hearing much of it.

She-Hulk (Cap): Okay, Jen.  You can do this.

2/ The judge cocks an eyebrow.

She-Hulk (Cap): Just forget about friendship.  Loyalty.  Justice.

3/ Jennifer turns to face the jury, obscuring the witness stand. She’s starting to get frustrated.  Still talking.

She-Hulk (Cap): You can give Holliway your piece later.

4/ As she turns to wag a finger at the witness stand, she hulks out, ripping her skirt and jacket in that barely tasteful way only She-Hulk can pull off.

She-Hulk: A building which he owns!  Legally!  Which you had a major part in destroying, along with years of scientific research and millions of dollars in equipment!

She-Hulk: And this is far from the first time!

She-Hulk (Cap): Sorry, Pete…

5/ Spider-Man hangs his head sheepishly.  Shulkie’s regained her composure, but she’s still big and green.

She-Hulk: For all previously enumerated charges, violation of the protective order, and trespassing.  In the case of Spider-Man v Dr. Otto Octavius, there can be no doubt—

Spider-Man: Man…

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