Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Time Machine - Capable - P. A. Nolte

1/ Filby stands on George's doorstep.  He's wrapped up in scarf and coat, but carries his hat.  George's clothes are in rags, and though he has had a full evening's food and drink, he's still haggard from his journey.

Filby: I do hope, believing that your story is indeed true, that the Eloi have taken up capable hands.

2/ Flashback.  An Eloi male, looking out across a field of Morlocks who are whipping and herding his people.  He is making a shaky fist for the first time.

3/ Flashback.  An Eloi female, Weena, swings a torch, setting a Morlock on fire as she clubs the hairy beast.

4/ Flashback.  The Eloi together, nearly back to back.  The male's hands are both now up in fists like a brawler.  They're bloodied, but he seems to be enjoying himself.  Weena is likewise invigorated, wielding the torch with both hands like a baseball bat.  Morlocks approach from all sides.

5/ George leans against the doorframe, staring absent-mindedly out into the night.

George: I certainly attempted to dissuade them from the ridiculous notion that they they had no past and no future, only the blissful, unaware haze of their prohibitively leisure-filled present.

George: One can only hope that things are indeed, as you say, in capable hands.

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