Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Time Machine – The Life and Death of FUTUREMAN! – MK Stangeland Jr.

(So is it cheating if this weeks script isn’t exactly about the Time Machine even if it’s a time-travel based story?)

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: An aged hero – FUTUREMAN! - out of costume, is on a yacht. He turns to see a time bomb with only a couple seconds left on it appearing out of a burst of chronological energy.


SFX: beep-beep-beep


Panel 2: The yacht, as it explodes.


Panel 3: A recovery team goes over the wrecked, exploded yacht – notably, FUTUREMAN’s should not be anywhere in the scene at all.

Nearby, stands FUTUREWOMAN, looking over the scene.

FUTUREWOMAN (1): This could have only been the work of a truly dastardly villain!

FUTUREWOMAN (2): I will bring the guilty party to justice! So swears Futurewoman!

Panel 4: A night scene on a rooftop, as FUTUREWOMAN looks around.

CAPTION: Later, earlier…

FUTUREWOMAN (1): (Thought balloon) My investigation has led me here. I must be close!

FUTUREWOMAN (2): (Thought balloon) And yet, why do I have the strangest feeling of déjà vu?

Panel 5: FUTUREWOMAN is far in the background as he looks to a scene happening in the foreground, where we see a version of FUTUREMAN! in his prime as well as FUTUREGIRL, the youthful sidekick version of FUTUREWOMAN.

Nearby, disappearing in a display of energy that should match that from PANEL 1, is the same bomb that appeared on the yacht in the future, including the amount of time left on it.

SFX: beep-beep-beep


FUTUREGIRL: The bomb is about to explode! We’re almost out of time!

FUTUREMAN!: Nonsense, Futuregirl! I’ll send it away to the future!

Panel 6: FUTUREMAN! stands triumphant. FUTUREGIRL less so.

FUTUREMAN! (1): One again, the day is saved, thanks to FUTUREMAN! and FUTUREGIRL!

FUTUREGIRL: But Futureman!, where did you send the bomb?

FUTUREMAN! (2): For now, it matters not! We have plenty of time to figure that out later.

FUTUREMAN! (3): After all, time is on our side!


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