Monday, October 10, 2016

The Time Machine - Mother of Invention - Grant McLaughlin

1 - The Time Traveler stands in his workshop, eyes wide in amazement at the Time Machine sitting in the middle of the room before him.  Let's have a window somewhere in the room to show that it is early morning, with those rays coming in to partially light up the room.

CAPTION (TIME TRAVELER): I don't know why I was fated to chance upon this contraption

2 - Pull back a bit to show more of the Time Machine and workshop.  The Time Traveler sits in it, and the two are fading away as they head off to some other moment in history.  The window would indicate mid-to-late afternoon.

CAPTION (TIME TRAVELER): From the first, I could not resist its clarion call to discovery.

3 - Pull back a bit more in the workshop.  It is empty (well, I mean, it's full of workshoppy stuff, but empty of the Time Traveler or Time Machine).  Maybe have part of a body visible, but not in an obvious way (that's for the next panel).  The window should indicate dusk.

CAPTION (TIME TRAVELER): I only wish I had invented it

4 - Pull back even further - enough this time to reveal the dead body that has bled out in the workshop.  It is a man who wears some kind of futuristic police uniform (or what the Victorian era might imagine the future of police uniforms to look like), including a masked helmet of some variety.  Beyond that, the workshop remains empty.  The window should indicate night.

CAPTION (TIME TRAVELER): Then I could return to the one time that will forever be lost to me: my own.

5 - We can probably hold our position on the workshop.  The room is filled with a number of these future police officers, all walking around, treating the area like a crime scene.  They have lots of lasers and other futuristic gadgets.  Maybe have a few officers around the body and blood as they fade away to another time for proper processing.  One officers walks close enough to the panel to read his shoulder patch: The Chronic Constabulary.  The window should show daytime once again.

CAPTION (TIME TRAVELER): But those I took this machine from surely want it back.

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