Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Time Machine - An Unexpected Future - Perry Kent

Panel 1
The Traveler steps off of the time machine, power still glowing through it. Instead of the uptight 19th century gentleman's parlor that he left, he now stands in a four story tall ice cave that dazzles as the light from the lamp of his time machines bounces around. Hues of brilliant colors dance and ricochet off the walls and the Traveler's mouth falls agape at the wonder of it all.

1. TRAVELER: When I bumped the machine I must have sent myself back to an ice age, when England was swallowed by massive glaciers.

Panel 2
The Traveler leans over the controls to take a look at the time machines dial.

2. TRAVELER: Oh no.

3. TRAVELER: No, no, no.

Panel 3
The Traveler sits down heavily in the seat of the machine, a look of shock on his face.

4. TRAVELER: I didn't go back...

Panel 4
The dial of the time machine fills the panel. It reads "101834" on the dial.

5. TRAVELER: ...but forward, into the future. 


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