Monday, October 10, 2016

The Time Machine--Writing is Time Travel--David Press


1.1: H.G. WELLS sits on a stool in his workshop focusing very hard on a piece of paper on a desk. He’s scribbling furiously. He’s talking to himself—like a mad inventor.

WELLS:                                  It was all a fraud they said.
WELLS:                                 Time travel.

1.2: Panning out a little further and we can see the MACHINE in the background—plugged into the wall. There’s a typewriter hooked up to the center console.

WELLS:                                  But they didn’t expect it would be this easy.
SFX [over the typewriter]:      Click clack.

1.3: The machine’s typewriter releases a ream of paper.


1.4: There’s a pile of paper on the floor. Display lettering for the years—unboxed lettering for the years.  

WELLS [CAP]:                      You see, we’re all going to end up as fertilizer.
DISPLAY LETT:                   1899.
DISPLAY LETT:                   1940.
DISPLAY LETT:                   2016.

1.5: Back to Wells’s empty writing desk and the pile of paper. Someone young and in his twenties stands over the papers. Say he’s red-haired and wearing a scarf that goes along with his winter coat. He looks a little like Wells, like he might be his great-great-grandson or something.

WELLS [CAP]:                      Eventually, we’ll be dirt in the ground.
CAP [2]                                  But when people read our words they travel back to our time and into our futures.
CAP [3]                                  Writing is time travelling.


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