Sunday, October 2, 2016

Uncle Scrooge - Billcoins or Bust - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Interior, day. We're inside Uncle Scrooge's study with a laptop setup on a side table. Huey sits at the laptop, showing Uncle Scrooge something on the screen.

1. HUEY: The Billcoins are completely digital. But there are only so many that can be created. So the more people want them, the higher their price.

2. UNCLE SCROOGE: Like my antique golf clubs!

Panel 2
A chart on the computer monitors climbs up very high. A ginormous dollar amount fills the space above the graph.

3. HUEY: Jumpin' jellybeans! My Billcoins are worth a fortune!

Panel 3
Uncle Scrooge mops at his brow as Huey turns to look at him.

4. HUEY: At this rate, you might want to turn all your gold coins into Billcoins.

Panel 4
Uncle Scrooge images himself diving into a heap of computers that fills his classic money vault (instead of the usual gold coins).

5. UNCLE SCROOGE: I do not like the sounds of that.

Panel 5
Huey folds his arms in frustration as he looks back at the computer monitor. Uncle Scrooge looks a bit smug as he looks at the same thing.

6. HUEY: Oh no. Now my Billcoins aren't even worth pennies.

7. HUEY: I guess nobody wants them anymore.

8. UNCLE SCROOGE: Like my antique golf pants.

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