Monday, October 3, 2016

Uncle Scrooge - Commotion - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Uncle Scrooge is at his desk, working away at some documents, great determination on his face.


2 - A loud sound coming from elsewhere in the Money Bin takes Uncle Scrooge by surprise, causing him to scratch up the document he's working at.


UNCLE SCROOGE: What in the--?!

3 - Uncle Scrooge gets up quickly from his desk, racing to investigate whatever is the matter.

UNCLE SCROOGE: That sounds like it came from the pool!

4 - In the room with the pool filled with gold coins.  Donald lies on top of the pile of gold coins near the diving board.  He's all beat up, with a black eye, bruised bill, and so on, implying that he just tried - and failed - to dive into the money ala Scrooge.  Uncle Scrooge slides onto the scene in haste, looking about for ne'er do wells.  He seems frustrated at Donald's laying about.

SCROOGE: Donald, there's no time for lying down!  Didn't you hear that tarnation?  I think the Beagle Boys might be about!

DONALD: Ughhh...

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