Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Beetlejuice – Trap, Sweet Trap – MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: The GHOSTBUSTERS stand around a steaming GHOST TRAP that was just previously used to capture BEETLEJUICE.

BEETLEJUICE: (From TRAP) Hey, it’s surprisingly roomy in here.

Panel 2: RAY picks the TRAP as the others look on.

BEETLEJUICE (1): (From TRAP, downplayed) This could actually make a nice vacation home.

BEETLEJUICE (2): (From TRAP, downplayed) Some nice curtains, the right accent rug…

ZEDDEMORE: That doesn’t sound right.

VENKMAN: Ray? Egon? Either of care to explain?

Panel 3: EGON tries scanning the trap as RAY holds it.

BEETLEJUICE: (From TRAP, downplayed) Maybe even some nice flowers in the corner…

RAY (1): It’s incredible!

EGON (1): This is clearly a phenomenon unlike anything we’ve seen before.

RAY (2): We could be looking at a brand new class of ghost!

EGON (2): We should probably get this back to the lab ASAP so I can study it closer in a controlled environment.

Panel 4: VENKMAN, with a mischievous look on his face.

VENKMAN: Hey, I just thought of something else we could do with him.

Panel 5: GHOSTBUSTERS office, where the trap containing BEETLEJUICE has been hooked up to the phone and computer systems through some form of over-technical setup. VENKMAN is talking to JANINE, who looks less than thrilled by the setup.

BEETLEJUICE: (From TRAP, downplayed) Ghostbusters, whatta you want?

VENKMAN: Hey, you’re always talking about how you want more help.


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  1. Funny! Kind of a cross breed with Max Headroom--this could end up bad but hilarious regardless. Also--not to nitpick--but typo in Panel 2.


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