Thursday, November 3, 2016

Beetlejuice: "Trick or Treat"--David Press


1.1: Let’s open on a wide shot of the house in Connecticut where LYDIA, BARBARA, ADAM, and the DEETZES lived from the movie.

We can see THREE TRICK OR TREATERS walk up the steps to the house on the hill that’s pretty creepy generally speaking.
TREATERS:                           Trick or treat!

1.2: LYDIA is at the door in her goth witch costume, with a pumpkin in one hand, leaning down to the little folks.
LYDIA:                                  Here you go—make sure you get the black and white striped tootsie rolls! They’re especially good.

1.3: On the little hands snatching up at the candy. Focus on the aforementioned black and white tootsie rolls because on there is a little BEETLEJUICE logo. Let’s make it his face. He’s smiling. In fact, the logo is talking.
BEETLEJUICE:                      Yeah, choose me, choose me!
KIDS [Off]:                            Thanks!

1.4: The kids walk off down the hill. One of them is inserting a Beetlejuice tootsie roll into his face hole.
BEETLEJUICE:                      Yes, yes!


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