Thursday, November 3, 2016

Beetlejuice - An Unexpected Caller - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Interior, old house. A small girl, no older than six, finds a piece of paper on the ground of an old attic. The attic is very dusty but relatively empty.

1. GIRL: What's this? A puzzle?

Panel 2
The paper is visible and it has a picture of a beatle, a plus sign, and a glass of juice.

2. GIRL: Beetle...juice? Beetlejuice.

3. GIRL: What's "beetlejuice"?

Panel 3
Beetlejuice, the character, steps into the room from a puff of green smoke. His hands are splayed wide as though he were stepping out onto stage. The little girl looks at him in surprise.

4. BEETLEJUICE: I'm back, baby!

Panel 4
Beetlejuice looks down at the little girl in surprise, like it wasn't who he was expecting.

5. BEETLEJUICE: Hey. You're not... who I was expecting.

6. GIRL: Sorry...?

Panel 5
Beetlejuice pats his jacket like he is looking for something.

7. BEETLEJUICE: No biggie.

8. BEETLEJUICE: Hey, you wouldn't happen to have a smoke, would ya?

- END - 

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