Sunday, November 6, 2016

Evil Twin - The Brown Recluse - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Exterior, night. Spiderman lands on the perch of a building.

1. SPIDERMAN: What's this ruckus? Wait. Do people still say ruckus?

2. SPIDERMAN: What's the hap? Much cooler.

Panel 2
Spiderman is shocked to see another person fighting the bad guy.

3. SPIDERMAN: What the hap! That's me!

Panel 3
Reveal: Other Spiderman, with a slightly different suit (maybe brown highlights?) than the Original, swings around the bad guy on a length of web. The bad guy pumps a giant flame out of his fist like it was a flamethrower, trying to hit the Other Spiderman. Around the outside of the activity is a ring of cop cars, lights flashing blue-red.

4. SPIDERMAN (OP): Or someone who looks a lot like me. And can sling web. And has impeccable style choices.

Panel 4
The Other Spiderman snaps the bad guy's neck. The flame sputters out.

Panel 5
Spiderman, back on the perch, jerks away from the scene in horror and disgust.

5. SPIDERMAN: What the hell?!?!

- END -

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