Friday, November 11, 2016

Evil Twin: Election Day--David Press


1.1: Open on a wide panel showing a YOUNG FAMILY walking down a hill towards the reader. There’s the HUSBAND, and MOTHER with a BABY in a carrier. Let’s call them the McGinnises

1.2: INT-TOWN HALL. A line stretches down a narrow hallway. At the end of the line is a table and an OLD MAN with big glasses and a pin that displays: POLLSTER.

1.3: Our family stands in front of the table, backs to us, giving their names. The Pollster is leaning in at the wife with the baby in the carrier.
HUSBAND:                           McGinnis, Henry.
WIFE:                                     McGinnis, Flori.
POLLSTER:                           Oh, isn’t he a cutie? How old?
WIFE                                      She’s 10 weeks old.

1.4: In the VOTING booth, Flori McGinnis highlights a vote for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine on her ballot. The baby is cooing softly as she marks her ballot. Maybe take a bird’s eye view for this shot.

1.5: Same as 1.1 but this time the McGinnises are walking back up the hill.

1.6: Back in their home, Flori McGinnis is sitting in a chair facing the reader, she’s nursing the baby, and Henry is in front of the television—they’re looking at each other. Worried looks on their faces. Flori looks like she might cry. They’re listening to the election results.
ANCHOR [Unattached]:        And that’s Pennsylvania for Donald Trump giving him 250 electoral votes. 
FLORI:                                   What do we do if he wins?

HENRY:                                 We do not give into fear.

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