Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Evil Twin – Invader-er miZ – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: DIB is in a techy science lab of SCIENCE(!) belonging to PROFESSOR MEMBRANE; it’s clearly a place he’s definitely not supposed to be. The main scienc-y thing that he stands next to is a large techy pod.

DIB (1): If the calculations I borrowed from dad are correct…

DIB (2): …Zim being his own worst enemy combined with whatever it is from my brain that drives me to save humanity in spite of itself…

DIB (3): …should give me a Zim clone that will defeat him for good.

Panel 2: DIB pulls a lever.


Panel 3: A lot of steam and light pours from the techy pod.


Panel 4: The pod opens up and a cloud of dramatic smoke covers the floor. Inside the pod is a copy of ZIM, but with your traditional goatee and mustache. He also has a large smile on his face.

DIB: (Minimized) Good Zim?

Panel 5: MIZ is outside the pod and looking toward DIB. His smile has turned sinister.

DIB (1): You don’t look very good.

MIZ (1): That’s because I’m not.

DIB (2): I’ve created an evil twin? But Zim’s already evil!

MIZ (2): Exactly.

Panel 6: Close-up on MIZ.

MIZ: I’m his evil-er twin.


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