Thursday, November 24, 2016

HOPE--David Press.


1.1: Opening on a perfectly normal suburban house in a flat suburban street.
CAPTION:                             Everything changes and recycles.

1.2: Inside the house, in the living room to be precise a family plays with an INFANT on a play mat. GRANDMA, GRANDPA, and MOM sit around the baby on the mat. The baby is kicking and cooing and generally being happy.
CAPTION:                             But certain things stay the same. That’s where hope lives.

1.3: Pan to the left of the previous panel and there is an UNCLE, AUNT, and FATHER of the infant. They’re watching the infant’s 1-YEAR-OLD cousin stomp around like Godzilla through some blocks.
CAPTION:                             In the sameness. When you feel like change you throw out what didn’t work and try something new.

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