Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hope - Fight the Darkness - Perry Kent

I thought this might make a good story of hope. It warms my heart every time I see something like this in the news.  

Panel 1
Exterior, day. A man, wearing a kippah, walks along a city sidewalk in a suit. He is on his way to his synagogue.

1. Man (caption): Things have gone so wrong lately.

Panel 2
The man steps around the corner, his back facing the reader. In front of him is a large group of people gathered outside of his synagogue. They are holding signs that can't quite be made out.

2. Man (caption): Sometimes it feels like we're moving backward, into the darkness.

Panel 3
The man holds his head high, ready to plunge into the sea of "protestors". The "protestors" are still very indistinct, so we can't tell their emotions or why they're there.

3. Man (caption): We've made it through before.

Panel 4
The people make a path through the crowd that the man walks through. We can't tell the crowd's emotions or why they're there.

[No Copy]

Panel 5
The man faces the crowd of people. He is standing on the steps of his synagogue.

4. Man: Thank you all.

Panel 6
The crowd is revealed. They are a happy group of people there to support the synagogue attendees. They are holding signs with slogans such as "We Stand Together", "Friends of all Faiths", and "Peace and Goodwill". A strong multi-cultural mix to the crowd to show this isn't just one community or religion, but a large gathering of many groups.

5: Man (caption): But it's easier to face the darkness with friends.

- END -

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