Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hope – Keep Hoping – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: A Flying ‘DOOM CASTLE’ sits in the air not far from a ye old style city.

LORD VILLAIN (1): (From Castle) Muah ha ha!

LORD VILLAIN (2): (From Castle) Once the city of Rigor falls, what can stand between me and the conquest of all cities beyond it?!


Panel 2: A beam of energy fires from the castle toward the city. The beam is made up of dark, foreboding, energy, but it stopped before it can hit the city by a brightly lit barrier of light and counter-energy.

SFX: (From dark energy) DESPAAAAAAAAAAAIR!!!

Panel 3: LORD VILLAIN, looking down from a balcony on the Doom Castle at the beam of despair as it’s blocked by the energy barrier.

LORD VILLAIN (1): What?!

LORD VILLAIN (2): What is the meaning of this!?

LORD VILLAIN (3): I demand an explanation!

Panel 4: Inside RIGOR, where SIR HEROIC and GOVERNOR FLYNN stand on top of a building watching as the beam of despair continues to hit the energy barrier.

GOVERNOR FLYNN: You’ve done it, Sir Heroic! We’re saved!

SIR HEROIC: All in a days work, Governor!

Panel 5: GOVERNOR FLYNN continues to converse with SIR HEROIC.

GOVERNOR FLYNN (1): So how do you plan to stop Lord Villain and his Cannon of Despair for good?

SIR HEROIC (1): Uh…I don’t actually have a plan for that yet.


SIR HEROIC (2): I was mostly focused on saving the city and figured I work out the next part later.

Panel 6: SIR HEROIC places a hand on GOVERNOR FLYNN’s shoulder as he puts on a look of determination.

SIR HEROIC: But I’m sure that if you and the citizens of this town hope for a solution to present itself hard enough, it’ll be more than enough to keep this Shield of Hope operational until I’ve figured out a solution to the problem!


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