Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hope - Seeds - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Inside a cozy home.  A little girl stands at the window, looking outside.  Her mother comes up behind her, wondering what's up.

DAUGHTER: Where are they?

MOTHER: Where are what?

DAUGHTER: The flowers!

2 - Outside the home, looking at the same window, the daughter and mother both visible in the window.  The mother looks at her daughter with a warm smile; the daughter looks up, curious.  Below the window is a nascent garden before them, by which I mean a patch of dirt with a little border around it.

MOTHER (1): Honey, we planted them yesterday.  Some things take time.

MOTHER (2): Putting them in the ground was only the first step.

3 - Flashforward to a day or two later.  The daughter holds a watering can and waters the dirt.  The mother looks on approvingly.

CAPTION (MOTHER): "We'll need to take care of them."

4 - Flashforward to a bit further down the line.  The daughter and mother are weeding together, but it's also clear the flowers are starting to grow as little stalks of green are rising up towards the sky.

CAPTION (MOTHER): "Nurture them."

5 - Flashforward a little bit further.  The mother chases after a cat that was snacking on some budding flowers (just this side of blooming).  The mother holds a broom and the daughter chases after her as well.  Maybe there's some damage to the garden border where the cat came in.

CAPTION (MOTHER): "Maybe even protect them."

6 - Flashforward to an honest to goodness garden.  It's pretty modest, with a smattering of flowers here and there, but the daughter is over the moon with it.  She skips about, absolutely thrilled.  The mother looks on, beaming.

CAPTION (MOTHER): "It'll take work."

DAUGHTER: Look, Mom!  The flowers!  You did it!

MOTHER: Oh, no, honey.

7 - Close up on one of the flowers.  It's maybe a bit smaller than a platonic flower, but it has a clear beauty to it.

MOTHER (off-panel): ...We did it.

CAPTION (MOTHER): "But it will be worth it."

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