Tuesday, November 15, 2016

THANKSGIVING: No Fear--David Press


Five panels. Let’s see if this works—four panels are shifted to the left hand side of the page with 1.4 going down the length of the right-hand-side of the page vertically.

1.1 EXT-SUBURBAN STREET: A nice, normal, nondescript suburban home with about five or six cars in the driveway.


1.2 INT-HOUSE:  From a bird’s eye view of the living room and den, make it sectioned off, but we can see that there are about ten adults to about five kids running throughout the house. The ADULTS are sitting at a long table. The FIVE KIDS are running around the house playing with each other.

KIDS:                                     HAHAHA!

1.3: Over to the dining room table where the adults sit. On one family member, the NEW FATHER there’s a baby being bounced on a leg. The dialogue can be floating over the heads of the adults, not attached to anyone in particular.

ADULT 1:                              Well, I’m just thankful that we’ll be getting jobs back in the US.
ADULT 2:                              Are you kidding? Trump does most of his merchandizing in China.

1.4: The NEW FATHER—bouncing the infant on his knee—makes a worried face. This is the vertical panel.

NEW DAD:                            This is what I’m thankful for: that we are in control of what we bring into our houses.

1.5: Over to the rest of the people at the table. Three or four older faces. Let’s say they’re the Grandparents.

NEW DAD [Off]:                   And I won't let hate, bigotry, and sexism into my house or around my kids. To vote for him is to endorse that behavior, and there's no way around that. 

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