Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thanksgiving – Overthankful – MK Stangeland, Jr.

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: A family is seated around a table as they prepare to eat Thanksgiving dinner.

GRANDPA: Son, would you do the honor of leading us in grace?

FATHER: Really? You mean it?

GRANDPA: Of course.

Panel 2: FATHER stands as he begins to say ‘grace’. The rest of the family members at the table bow their heads.

FATHER: Dear Lord our Father, we come together to offer thanks for this day, for this meal, for this gathering…

Panel 3: FATHER continues to say grace, the rest of the family is showing signs of confusion at the length of it.

TEXT: 5 minutes later…

FATHER: …and for this nation, and all that it entails, that we live in such a great nation, may we be humbled by all the blessings it has received. May we not take this great nation for granted, oh Lord…

Panel 4: FATHER is still saying grace, the rest of the family clearly wishes he’d just wrap it up at this point.

TEXT: 10 minutes later…

FATHER: …and for all the other gifts of this day, including our freedom to celebrate this day, let us give thanks to you…

MOTHER: Dear, I think…

GRANDFATHER: Thank you God, amen, let’s eat.

Panel 5: The rest of the family starts serving the food, while FATHER still stands there, knowing he messed up somehow but lost on how.


GRANDFATHER: Just be thankful and get on with it, son.


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