Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Ancient One - Origin – MK Stangeland Jr.

(4 Panels)

Panel 1: Location - Kamar-Taj, a long time ago. The ANCIENT ONE (movie version) sits in front of a character who resembles the comic version of the Ancient One, referred to here as the ELDER ONE. Here, the ANCIENT ONE is stylized towards an appearance fitting her Celtic heritage, rather than that of a wise master as seen in the movie.

ELDER ONE (1): The power you seek cannot be found here.

ELDER ONE (2): To the contrary, the power you seek it not a power I can allow to fall into the hands of anyone.

Panel 2: Continuation of PANEL 1, focusing towards ANCIENT ONE.

ELDER ONE (1): Revenge is not something we condone here at Kamar-Taj.

ANCIENT ONE: <Revenge? I haven’t said anything about revenge.>

ELDER ONE (2): You didn’t have to.

Panel 3: Continuation of PANEL 2, focusing towards ELDER ONE.

ELDER ONE (1): You think you’re the first one to come here with a tale of woe and an ambiguous desire to set things right?

ELDER ONE (2): What you don’t say and how you choose not to say it says far more than you think.

Panel 4: Focus on ELDER ONE, with a great cosmic display behind him.

ELDER ONE (1): We can train you to heal. We can help you to move on in life. We can even give you new purpose in life.

ELDER ONE (2): But what we deal in here requires a dedication to something far greater than ones self. You cannot possibly imagine the utter insignificance of each of us compared to what we have dedicated ourselves to here.

ELDER ONE (3): And it is something for which there is no room for revenge or any other petty forms of self-declared vengeance.

ELDER ONE (4): No.

ELDER ONE (5): Room.

ELDER ONE (6): At.

ELDER ONE (7): All.


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