Sunday, November 13, 2016

Why Thanksgiving?

As holidays goes, Thanksgiving is not the most glamorous of the bunch.  While we've got all manner of Halloween, Valentine's, and of course, Christmas media adaptations, Thanksgiving is noticeably underserved.  Halloween translates into any number of horror franchises, Valentine's is rife for rom coms, and Christmas has any number of specials.  Even Easter and St. Patrick's Day do better with narrative inspirations.

I suppose "being thankful" may not necessarily the easiest emotion state of being to capture in fiction.  It also doesn't really help that the origin of Thanksgiving is kind of murky (hooray for pilgrims? harvests? turkeys?) and that the main activities associated with the holiday are eating lots and watching a parade on TV (that's still a thing, right?).

But maybe that's the wrong way to think about it.  If it was easy, would it really be worth doing?  And as flippant as I might be here, the message of coming together with friends and family and giving thanks for one's blessings is a pretty universal one.

We may be a week early (as a Canadian, I have only the vaguest of understandings when American Thanksgiving takes place), but I hope you can find something to write thankful about and that you'll be kind enough to share it with us.

Legit best part of the holiday.

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