Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Stories - Carol - Grant McLaughlin

1 - Gotham at night in winter. Snow is falling and while we're in a rougher, more industrial neighbourhood it's still clear that it's Christmas time (the occasional lights, etc). Focus on a seemingly abandoned building - the Joker's current lair.

JOKER (softly, from within): Go away...

2 - On a fireplace near the foot of the bed. Harley's hyenas sleep nearby as the coals burn softly.

JOKER (softly, off-panel): Stop...

3 - On Joker and Harley's bed. Joker sits bolt upright, waking from a nightmare. His eyes are wide, he's sweating.  His sudden movement has awoken Harley as well, who looks towards him with a start. Both should be wearing some stereotypical 1950s pyjamas (I may be thinking Animated series vibe here). Perhaps the Joker's nightcap looks like (or is) a Santa hat.

JOKER (yelling): Nooo!

HARLEY: Whatsamatta, Mistah J?

4 - On Joker. He's removed his hat and kneads it in his hands,his face focused and serious.

JOKER (1): Nightmares, Harley.

JOKER (2): Every Christmas I have the same recurring dream where three ghosts just won't leave me alone.

5 - The Joker throws the nightcap away. Harley looks surprised. Maybe fit in the hyenas as well (but not strictly necessary).

JOKER: Worst of all, they keep insisting I mend my ways.

6 - On the fireplace, where the nightcap is catching fire and reigniting the coals.

JOKER: Let me tell you, the whole thing is a real humbug!

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