Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Stories - The Dark Claus - Perry Kent

Panel 1
Exterior, night. Batman slips out of a window and onto a roof in the dead of night. There is a blanket of snow lying across the roof. A few more windows can be seen.


Panel 2
A light flicks on in one of the windows as Batman creeps away along the roof.

1. YOUTH #1 (lit up window): Hey, did anyone hear anything?

Panel 3
Batman launches a grappling hook as more windows light up from the inside, spilling their light onto the snowy rooftop.

2. YOUTH #2 (window): Whoa! Look at all the presents under the tree!

3. YOUTH #3 (window): Those weren't there earlier.

4. YOUTH #3 (window): Would you shut up and let us sleep.

5. SFX (grappling hook): Pssh!

Panel 4
Batman swings past a banner using his grappling hook. The banner reads "Saint Pancras Youth Home" and a smaller sign under that says "Sponsored by the Wayne Foundation".


- END -

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